Thursday, June 06, 2013

TV on the Radio
"Nine Types of Light" (Vinyl)

Progress on this blog will slow dramatically for the next few weeks as I'm out of town and can only listen to albums I "own" on the iPod while I'm toodling about.  

In 2011 TV on the Radio dropped this, their fourth major-label full-length LP.  It received a lot of buzz for a band that's off the public's radar (Justin Bieber they are not.)
My first listen I was a little disappointed; the album felt flaccid and uninteresting compared to their earlier albums which always featured ground-breaking noise combinations.  They sounded unlike anything I'd ever heard prior.

But after digesting this album for a while (I've probably listened to this album 20 times now) I've decided that "accessible" is the best word to use. TV on the Radio wasn't always a band who's palette appealed to everyone.  With "Nine Types" they cross a boundary into more familiar, comfortable land where their unique sonic tapestry meshes with a more common idiom.

In short: in many respects, it's their best work yet.  Let's hope TVotR can't disappoint any worse than this!

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