Monday, December 05, 2011

been a busy weekend, but I managed to squeeze a few in:

"King of Limbs"
(Vinyl + CD)

Radiohead has become the benchmark for progressive art rock. So much of their output extends beyond the label of 'rock' or 'alternative.' It's easier to say that Radiohead has been making some of the last decade's most interesting and creative music. Period.

'Limbs' isn't quite the stretch of imagination that we have seen on many of their other albums. It doesn't revolutionize the way 'OK' or even 'Kid A' did, nor does it represent a left-turn ala 'Rainbows'. It's more of an exploration of territory that has become very familiar for Radiohead. While the album isn't bad, its a stretch to consider it their best/most important work.

"Plastic Beach"

I love what the Gorillaz represent. I love the idea of a virtual reality rock band that exists only in the mind of Damon Albarn.
I've loved seeing all of the art work and writings made about this fictitious band. I love their live performances. But mostly, I love their music.
Sadly, the Gorillaz are on track to be a band that each with each subsequent album become only echoes of their earlier releases.
I first became familiar with 'Demon Days' but then I heard their debut and realized it to be superior to the more commercial 'Days.'
Plastic Beach is another step down the musical ladder with the songs becoming even more confused and wandering. It pains me to see this happening, but even cartoon heroes must fall.

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