Monday, December 19, 2011

"OK Computer" (CD + Vinyl)

It's good to go back and learn from our past every once in a while.
So much as been written about Radiohead's 1997 album "OK Computer" and how it has pointed the direction of so many musical ideas for the next decade. I am in the camp that says you can not underestimate Radiohead's musical influence. Their career has transcended definition, label, sales and logic. Who would believe that a progressive experimental rock band would be able to sell out arena tours in 2011? Still, this is what Radiohead has accomplished.
Many would say the trajectory that Radiohead is on started with 'Computer.' The funny thing is, listening to it now, it sounds primitive and radio-friendly compared to where they're at today. I guess that's the point. I guess that's the game.

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