Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Flaming Lips
"The Soft Bulletin"

The Flaming Lips' ninth album could still be considered their first breakthrough work. It's probably the first album that most fans know about.

The Lips have never been concerned with making music that anyone really wanted to listen to, and its a refreshing change. That being said, I don't always want to listen to the Flaming Lips, and unless I'm in the mood for their weird boingo sensibilities the music rarely moves me.

This is, in many senses, as good as they've gotten so far. The songs are sprawling, but remain memorable. The production is cacophonous, but remains hooky.
Steve Drozd is the unrecognized backbone of the Flaming Lips. His drumming on this record is some of the funkiest, driving beats that really can't be over-emphasized in its importance to the band.

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