Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beck "Odelay" (CD)

Beck was hipster before people really knew how to define hipster. Beck was one of those musicians that other musicians were glad to know and even happier other people didn't know about him.

Then Beck released "Odelay"

Beck has put out several albums since (seven, to be exact) but the truth is "Odelay" wasn't his first album (it was his fifth, to be exact.) I've listened to this record a lot over the years, but there has been quite a vacation since the last hearing.

Not surprisingly(?) I still feel this is the high-water mark that Beck is still constantly striving to return to. He has never been funkier, weirder, poignant or inventive as on this record.

I still regard "Midnite Vultures" as my personal favorite album, but I must concede that "Odelay" is a better record over all. Here's hoping that Beck is able to surpass it still.

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