Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Pretenders "The Pretenders" (Vinyl)

This is the 1980 debut from New Wave legends the Pretenders. I'm not the biggest New Wave guy in the world (that's an understatement) but when New Wave is done well (Talking Heads) I'm all over it. This album is full of entertaining, poppy/punky tunes, and I can see why they would be an influence on so many people that came after them. This is an album that I really would like to hear the remaster. The vinyl mix is...peculiar. Chrissie Hynde's vocals feel very present while the whole band is pushed into the background, muted. For a rock n' roll record it's not very noisy. I'm not quite sure yet if the Pretenders will retain their place on my wall or not.

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