Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Original Soundtrack
"The Muppet Movie" (Vinyl)

If there was a soundtrack to my youth, this would make the shortlist.
This film is older than I, but it was ubiquitous with my upbringing.  (Having parents who were huge fans of 'the Muppet Show' helped)

Not being the most attentive listener when it comes to lyrical content, I was shocked when I realized how many lyrics I knew from these songs.  Finally, decades later, the songwriting teams that crafted tunes for the films and television (including Sesame Street) are beginning to get credit for the genuinely good songs they wrote.  Yes, they're goofy and mercilessly innocent, but the music was part of the 'song and dance' idea that Jim Henson wanted. These songs lend as much character to the film as any of the actors that brought the Muppets to life.

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