Saturday, August 03, 2013

Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Pronounced 'leh-nerd 'skin-herd" (Vinyl)

Released in 1973, this was the album that pushed the southern hard rockers to superstardom.  It also contains one of the two songs the band's best known for, ("Free Bird") the other being released on their 1974 album 'Second Helping' ("Sweet Home Alabama.")

The band's hefty line-up was desired to replicate the triple-lead guitar sound live in concert.  The sound is distinctive.

While the southern-fried rock thing isn't terribly in my milieu, a few bands (Allman Bros. and Skynyrd) were intuitive enough to keep enough hard rock roots in the ground that their appeal was wider than the deep south.

For a debut album, their concept and execution is impressive. In contrast to today's test tube acts born in a laboratory, this album has the feel of musicians that were very used to playing with each other in countless bars.

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