Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ben Folds
"Rockin' the Suburbs"

Now more than a decade old, this remains Ben Folds' best-selling, most popular work to date.
I completely understand why. The songs are simultaneously instantly memorable, poignant and catchy while being intelligent and (obviously) enduring enough to be here ten years later.

If Sublime was the soundtrack to my friends' high school days Ben Folds was the soundtrack to our undergraduate times in Cutter House. Songs like the title track, Annie Waits, the Luckiest could be heard pumping out of dorm rooms ad nauseam.

Still, the music endures. The construction is so simple it seems as though Mr. Folds was bursting at the seams to get these songs recorded.

I don't know where I was when this album came out. I wasn't listening to it then. But I'm listening to it now.

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