Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Glenn Gould
"Beethoven - Sonatas nos. 12 & 13"

Another artist that falls into the category of "died too early" is Glenn Gould, and it has helped his legend in a way nothing else could.

But before all of that, back in 1983, he released this album featuring two of Beethoven's middle piano sonatas.
I'm not real familiar with anything but the greatest-hits of Beethoven's piano sonatas, but I should learn more. In the same way Beethoven used his string quartets as a laboratory for techniques he later employed in his symphonies, it makes sense that the piano (the instrument that he himself played) would be the arena in which Beethoven was able to explore most thoroughly.

The joke is always made about being able to hear Glenn Gould talking while he performed. I'm familiar with his recordings of Bach's 'Goldberg Variations' which I chuckled at, but he talks a lot during this recording.

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