Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Learning to Breathe"

This is the last of what I consider Switchfoot's early career. They released three albums produced by Charlie Peacock (Legend of Chin, A New Way to be Human) and then made a rather successful crossover to the mainstream. While more people know the name Switchfoot now, I consider their first three albums to be their best.

Bands like dc Talk and Audio Adrenaline set a high bar for Christian rock in the 90's demonstrating that Christians didn't have to follow the current of musical tastes and forfeit listening to something good.
Switchfoot never reached that popularity among Christian audiences, but in retrospect I think Jon Foreman is one of the best song writers to come out of Christian circles. It is said that all of his songs are written in 20 minutes or less. I believe it; on these early albums songs float by on ocean breezes of pop/rock sensitivity. There's just enough substance to feel your tummy but not enough for you to lose interest.

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