Thursday, October 25, 2012

B.B. King
"Live at the Regal" (Vinyl)

A live performance in Chicago, captured on November 21, 1964 was released on record in 1965 and quickly became regarded as one of the greatest blues records ever made.  Making Rolling Stone magazine's "Greatest Albums of All Time" list should give a general sense of its import.  If that doesn't, then maybe being mentioned by Clapton and Mark Knopfler as a template for their own live performances might help.

This is (as the image says) a classic revisited.  In short: a re-issue of the 1965 album.  Gone is the colorful art work, which is too bad, but it does mean that other fingers undoubtedly passed this record over at the shop because it looks like some retrospective compendium of B.B. King's music rather than a note-for-note copy of the King of Blues doing his thing.

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