Tuesday, October 02, 2012

DC Talk
"Supernatural" (CD)

This was one formative album during my high school years.  It makes it clearer how much I was off the beaten path of "popular music" during that point of my life.

I put DC Talk (along with Audio Adrenaline and "Step Up"-era Newsboys) as the handful of genuinely creative, forward-looking Christian bands in the 90's.  Perhaps we should call this the Golden Era.   For a brief while musical tastes, capability and opportunity all met at the same time and some genuinely creative, fresh sounding music was being created by Christian artists.

Chief among these was DC Talk.  While they started out as phresh rappin' trio they blew the roof off of another level of artistry with 1995's "Jesus Freak" which showed both Christian and secular audiences that they were plumbing into new types of sound.

"Supernatural" is more diverse and polished than the grungy "Freak" and I would say is more mature, both musically and by the subject matter.   The musical range and diversity of this trio is actually remarkable and extends far beyond what most bands attempt to do on any single album project.

The production and mixing of this album is a little weak which is really its only downfall.  Listening on the Big Boy stereo feels noisy and fatiguing, a blemish on an otherwise terrific stroll down memory lane.

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