Tuesday, October 09, 2012

David Bowie
"Station to Station" (Vinyl)

Bowie's tenth studio album was released in1976 and heralded yet another new persona to be added to Bowie's quiver with the introduction of The Thin White Duke.

The nebulous, ever-changing, chameleonic nature of Bowie's music-making over the past forty years is just the sort of thing that rock music theorists and historians build careers trying to explain/describe to the rest of us, but the truth is Bowie's records deserve to be listened to and enjoyed for what they are.

The glam rock scene that birthed Ziggy Stardust was as much reaction to the day's climate as it was a psychological necessity.  The many faces of Bowie that followed are one person's attempt to wrestle with the ever changing meanings of what fame and attention brought him.  Much of it is off-the-wall, but Bowie was (and is) one of recent memory's most influential performance artists whose medium extends beyond the sounds coming off of their records.

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