Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Slatkin, St. Louis Symphony
"Barber: The Music of" (CD)

Samuel Barber was regarded by the musical intelligentsia as the musical force he was in his day.   Sadly, as is usually the case, often times these realizations are slower to come to the general public and Barber's music has steadily grown in popularity since his death in 1981.

This album (which I believe is as much a promotion of the St. Louis Symphony) features many of Barber's most famous works for orchestra including his "Adagio for Strings."
Beyond that there are also some really beautiful works that are not nearly as well known.  Barber's overture to his opera "School for Scandal" is a virtuosic tour-de-force for any orchestra just as his Essays for orchestra reveal Barber's unparalleled ability to create a haunting, memorable melody.

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