Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pierre Monteux, Boston Symphony
"Stravinsky: Petroushka" (Vinyl)

I found an RCA Victor shaded dog release of this recording while digging through one of the largest record collections in the midwest.  If you're ever in Iowa, check out Kanesville Kollectibles.  It's unreal.

This recording has been released a thousand different ways on multiple labels, but I believe this to be near the origin of this particular recording.  The music recorded is Stravinsky's revised 1947 score so at that point, this music was still "new" to both audiences and performers.
That shows in this recording. The music feels unfamiliar and the orchestra stumbles over passages that are well-worn grooves to orchestras today. Tempos are also slower than what once commonly hears now.  It is an education to listen to such a recording.

I've been gone for a while, but I'm happy to get back into it as quickly as I can.  A lot of new listening material has been picked up over the past several days; my destination crawls ever further away...

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