Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Beatles
"The Beatles Again / Hey Jude" (Vinyl)

Currently out-of-print and identified by two different titles, The Beatles Again (as my record identifies itself) was a 1970 release of non-Capitol issued singles and B-sides.  In fewer words, this was the first time that American audiences had heard some of these career-spanning hits by the Fab Four.

An interesting retrospective, this album opens with 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'I Should Have Known Better' and then begins an unveiling of everything the Beatles accomplished in their six-year adventure.

Released during the tumultuous end of the Beatles' time together, this album was sandwiched between the release of 'Abbey Road' and 'Let it Be', mere months before they caleld it quits.

I have an older, Apple pressing of this record which has the album titled "the Beatles Again."  I'm not sure if that makes this a UK release or an early North American release since it's not on the Capitol label.

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