Saturday, May 04, 2013

William Steinberg, Pittsburgh Symphony
"Beethoven: Symphony no. 4" (Vinyl)

It's been a rocky spring so far; schedules will level out and we'll be back on track.  I hope.

Beethoven's fourth symphony is one of his works that gets lost in the shuffle. Sandwiched between his revolutionary 'Eroica' and seminal fifth symphonies, the fourth suffers from a low-profile next to its neighbors.

It is no less a work, of course, but it just isn't performed as often.  I will get to perform this work next year so I dusted off this box set of the complete Beethoven symphonies recorded by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.  Released in 1966 on ABC's Command Classics label, the cover touts the master recorded on 35 mm magnetic film; all of the accoutrement of a high-fidelity recording experience.

This cycle, released alongside so many other great titans of the late 20th century (Szell, Ormandy, Solti, Karajan) can be lost in the shadows, but it's a very capable set.  It would be a shame.

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