Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sonic Youth
"Rather Ripped" (CD)

I was working in my basement for a couple of hours today and was listening to the old iPod I keep down there.  Akin to a musical time machine, I could ask myself "what was I listening to in 2008" and this machine would know the answer.

I'm pleased to say I had some good taste in 2008 with listening to Sonic Youth's 2006 release, 'Rather Ripped.'
This was their fourteenth album (out of sixteen released to-date) and last on the Geffen label.
Perhaps some of the most consistent rockers in modern history, Sonic Youth has been turning out classic rock albums since 1988's 'Daydream Nation.'

Its too bad that Sonic Youth is currently on a hiatus with no definite plans to reunite.

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