Monday, January 30, 2012

Rockin' Dopsie & the Cajun Twisters
"Big Bad Zydeco"

The so-called "crowned prince" of button accordion Zydeco, Rockin' Dopsie is recorded in this album late in his short life when he started getting attention nationally for his talents.
Although he would only live another ten years after this record was made the record has the sort of energy you imagine all of these R&B/Jazz/Soul performers had until the day they died. There were no "off" nights.

Having had the opportunity to visit New Orleans on occasion I am fascinated by the collision of cultures, language, religion and music that occurred in this very old part of the continent.
Boasting some of the oldest buildings and neighborhoods in the continental US New Orleans also claims birthright to Zydeco, Creole food, culture and language. None of these things are unique or indigenous but rather a messy combination of all of the different people who have made their home there.
Zydeco is no exception. Using instruments and musical traditions from Europe, Africa, South America and North America elements are blended together into a style that can only be described as uniquely American.

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