Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Vegas Car Chasers"

This is one of the rare exceptions of a CD that I've owned for over ten years that I still listen to. And I still enjoy it.

Silage is a now defunct band that was born under the sign of "Jesus Freak" -era DC-Talk when alt rock was huge in the mainstream and Christian rock had its worthwhile ambassadors.

The thing with Silage (and this album in particular,) was that this album was truly ahead of its time. So ahead of its time, in fact, that it still sounds interesting and has avoided the dreaded "dated" stamp.

They don't sound like any other band of their time, and they weren't big enough to be imitated by anyone since. The result is a collection of fun songs that blends a pleasing cocktail of nu-metal, beach rock and punk.

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