Monday, January 30, 2012

"Very Necessary"

This is still (I believe) the most successful album by an all-female rap group having been certified 3x platinum in the US alone.

I picked this up at a thrift store because I remember hearing the hits 'Whatta Man' and 'Shoop' on Mtv when we would visit our grandparents (my only access to cable tv.) This group, (like last week's Tribe Called Quest) had the great production for 90's rap music that made it so much fun to listen to. The beats are funky, the sampling's clever and I doubt there's any autotune happening.

That being said, perhaps it was funny and scandalous to rap about sex, but now its annoying to have song after song listening to the girls riff about their bedroom habits. Some things don't age that well, apparently.

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