Monday, August 27, 2012

Bruno Walter, Philharmonic Symphony of NY 
"Beethoven: Symphony no. 7" (Vinyl)

 One of the six-eyes found in the thrift store trove a couple weeks ago, this is a beautifully preserved copy of a now-nearly complete Walter Beethoven cycle.

I'm currently on a phone call so I'm unable to listen too closely to the recording, but what I'm constantly struck by is the quality of these recordings.
Having grown up in an iPod-toting mp3 culture of near constant musical inundation, the concept of sitting down with a recording to listen through an entire side of a vinyl record represents a culture shock of sorts.

But when I do I'm rewarded with some of the most beautiful, warm and realistic sounding recordings of classical literature I've ever heard.   This "golden era" of recording (which I would estimate spans from the mid-50's through the entire 60's) was a fleeting moment when recording technology and techniques yielded amazing results and before rock n' roll, digital recording and cheaper production methods made the concern for a pristine recording secondary.

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