Saturday, August 18, 2012

Radiohead "Kid A" (CD + Vinyl) The fourth album from British already-legends Radiohead, this album is slowly overtaking the seminal "OK Computer" as the benchmark for Radiohead's unbelievable evolution. I understand why "OK" was so important and influential (comparing it to their earlier albums) but I must confess that I agree that Kid A is a much more interesting and complex album. If "OK" is opening the door to a new reality then "Kid A" is them stepping through that door. I found a used copy of the "audiophile quality" 180g pressings that Capitol did on 10" vinyl and brought it home preparing myself for a direct CD-to-LP transfer that would leave vinyl lovers wanting more, but I must say that this record sounds wonderful. The sound is warm and yet doesn't betray any of Nigel Godrich's production.

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