Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vladamir Horowitz 
"In Concert, 1966" (Vinyl) 

Horowitz, regarded as one of the pre-eminent pianists of the 20th century, presented a series of recitals at Carnegie Hall in 1966. Over the course of these three recitals these live recordings were selected for this double-LP release.

I'm not sure when the "formula" for a traditional piano program was born, but its already ensconced on these records; each recital featured Baroque, Classical, Modern and Masterworks, almost exactly in that order. The culture is a bit different amongst pianists; there's an unwillingness (and perhaps a lack of necessity) to adapt programs even today outside of this mold that samples from each important era of composition.

 These recordings are beautifully done and one can sit back and enjoy the mastery of Horowitz as a mature, seasoned musician at the height of his power.

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