Friday, August 31, 2012

Paavo Berglund, Royal Danish Orchestra
"Carl Nielsen: Symphonies no. 2 & 5" (CD)

Being personally most familiar with his "Inextinguishable" 4th symphony, I am really enjoying this recording of the 2nd symphony.

Based on the ancient psychological philosophy of the four temperaments, (which is the symphony's subtitle, interestingly enough) each movement explores the idea of the  different personality trait.
Filled with just enough 20th century tonality to keep it compelling yet with enough traditional form and harmony to remind you of everything that had become before.

The 5th Symphony has no subtitle or programmatic leanings.  It was  written nearly 20 years after the 2nd symphony, and unlike the 2nd, the 5th is divided into two large, sweeping movements that seem to share less with the traditions of before.

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