Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Make Way for the world's only Hasidic Jewish Raggae Rapper!...that I know of.

But I'd say the chances are pretty good, huh?

Meet Matisyahu - a hip-hop artist straight from the streets of Israel. Not what you would normally expect.
Matisyahu is one of several new groups that I have been exposed to that I hope to talk about in the next couple of days. While I haven't yet seen Matisyahu, he is performing in Cleveland in November, and it should be a great show.

Matisyahu's sound is that of the traditional reggae artists, so with your eyes shut, you would never tell the difference save for Matisyahu's subject matter - break downs about the Torah and Jehovah. A bit of a departure from the rastified bong-hitting community that usually inhabits reggae music.
But what will really get your attention about Matisyahu is his appearance. He performs entirely in traditional orthodox Jewish clothing, complete with full beard and curls. All of this allows Matisyahu to blend in perfectly with his surroundings.

(pause for laughter)

Matisyahu has one studio album released, and also a brand new live album Live at Stubb's which as really helped spring-board Matisyahu's popularity, since much of his appeal (obviously) lies in his live shows.

My hope with Matisyahu and his work is that people will come to his work not only for the artistic validity of his work, but that they will pay attention to the words of his songs, which is what really sets him a part from other reggae acts. Certainly he will bring alot of people through the door to gawk at the spectacle, but let's hope they stay for something more.


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