Sunday, December 16, 2012

13 months.
300 albums in 350 days
362 albums in 13 months.

The Composers Quartet
"Carter: String Quartets nos. 1 & 2" (CD)

The musical world mourns the passing of Dave Brubeck last week, but only a month before musicians lost another equally important voice in American music.  Elliott Carter passed away just weeks shy of his 104th birthday in early Nov, 2012.  Unlike some, Mr. Carter remained active in his work until the very end, completing a work for piano in August, 2012.

This particular recording is not recent, nor are the compositions.  Carter's first two quartets were written in 1951 and '59 (respectively) and were recorded by the Composers Quartet in 1970.
Issued on the Nonesuch label originally on vinyl, this is a digitally re-mastered issue (also on Nonesuch) which is a testament to the enduring appeal of Carter's writing.

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