Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Audio Adrenaline
"Bloom" (CD)

The third album from Kentucky Christian rockers, it was released in 1996, just before (my favorite) "Some Kind of Zombie."

Audio A (as they were called amongst the coolkids) held up one third of the tent of 90's Christian rock music.  Along with dc Talk and the Newsboys, AA wasn't afraid to have fun making creative music while still remaining very obviously a Christian rock band.

I applaud this band because they were able to craft a unique sound while retaining the fun spirit of rock n' roll without ever compromising their integrity as Christians.

This album follows some of the mainstream trends of the mid-90's a bit, with noticeable grunge influence and production ideas.  That aside, AA was still on their way to becoming one of Christian music's biggest acts.

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