Thursday, December 20, 2012

Karajan, Berlin Philharmonic
"Beethoven: Symphony no. 8" (CD)

This performance is part of Karajan's 1963 cycle with the Berlin Philharmonic. (He recorded two.)

The Berlin Philharmonic, long regarded as one of the world's greatest orchestras (if not the greatest) was helmed by Karajan for 35 years.  An impressive tenure, particularly for a music director.

I believe Karajan warrants the purchase and absorbtion of a book.  Perhaps if there's a good memoir or biography learning more of this musical titan would be very worthwhile information.

Beethoven's eighth symphony, composed in 1812, is a comely light-hearted work sandwiched between two of Beethoven's heavier works, the fiery seventh and the monolithic ninth.  It's easy to disregard, but that would be a mistake.  Beneath its cheerful (and brief) epidermal layer lie the same sort of innovative techniques that show Beethoven to be leading the charge over the bridge towards Romanticism.

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