Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Greenhornes
"East Grand Blues EP" (CD)

Straight out of my college years in northeast Ohio, I'm very proud of the musical movement that swept America.
The White Stripes made the biggest impact with their brand of bluesy-garage rock, but following on their heels were the likes of the Black Keys, the Soledad Brothers and the Greenhornes.

This is the kind of music that gives you a peek at what rock 'n roll would sound like if the Beatles hadn't dismantled musical expectations for the rest of eternity.  Steeped in the traditions of Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis, this isn't meant to be an exploratory project; rather, think of it as a nostalgic postcard from a bygone era.

Detroit co-conspirator Brendan Benson produced this EP. It was released in 2005, right around the time the remaining vestiges of the Greenhornes was pirated by the Soledad Brothers and Benson & Jack White's "Raconteurs."  The Greenhornes will have an odd footnote in musical history for that.

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