Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dennis Russel Davies, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
"Copland: Appalachian Spring" (Vinyl)

My historical knowledge of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra isn't extensive, but there are a few names on the roster for this recording that are still making with music with the SPCO.
The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, currently locked-out by its management, has enjoyed a rich history of music-making in the Twin Cities. Indeed, the Twin Cities' ability to field two world-class ensembles is unique and enviable.

This recording was released in 1980 and is something of a historical landmark.  Regarded by many to be the first digitally recorded album to see wide release, it was recorded at Sound 80 Studios in Saint Paul.  This recording went on to win the SPCO a Grammy Award.

This recording has a very "live" feel to it, with musicians obviously sitting in a studio space (as opposed to on stage at the Ordway Theater) and some of the technical edges are raw; all things that would be "corrected" in today's all-digital studio playground.  As it is, it's a good reminder for how orchestras actually sound.

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