Wednesday, April 10, 2013

St. Vincent
"Actor" (Vinyl) 

Released in 2009, this was around the time of St. Vincent's performance on Austin City Limits which raised her profile to a whole new audience of fans. Since then, she has only been gaining momentum. Recording with David Byrne for 2012's "Love this Giant" has been a well-earned victory for the session-musician-turned-songstress.

One of the highest compliments I could pay St. Vincent is that her music sounds like no one else I've ever heard. She combines her ingredients into such a unique cocktail of flavors that tastes like no other. Amongst her techniques is some of the most distinctive guitar playing since Zappa.

What's fascinating is that so far (after three albums released to date) Vincent just keeps refining her craft; she's a creature that lets me believe her best is still yet ahead.

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