Thursday, April 04, 2013

Rage Against the Machine
"The Battle of Los Angeles" (CD)

1999's 'Battle for Los Angeles' was definitely Rage's most successful album during their on-again-off-again career that has spanned nearly three decades.

Who could be considered the most compelling ingredient of this band? Zach de la Rocha's banshee vocals? Tom Morello's ubiquitous guitar stylings? The relentless, violent backbone provided by Tim Crommerford and Brad Wilk?

No matter who your favorite was, you can't deny that Rage Against the Machine carved a brand new niche for themselves.  Emerging from the malaise in the immediate post-grunge, Rage sounded new and vital.  Whether pundits want to call it nĂ¼ metal, scream-o or rap-metal, it doesn't matter.  Rage brought a brand new combination of sounds to a ready public.

I don't agree with hardly anything Zach de la Rocha or Tom Morello stand for, but I use this as an example of the power of music to convey your ideas.  Great music makes the medicine go down a whole lot easier.

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