Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Oh, no! It's Devo!" (Vinyl)

Released in 1982, "Oh, no" saw the emergence of Devo as a synth-based futuristic band of misfits that were gleefully unapologetic about their inability to be pigeon-holed.

Perhaps one of the few bands that remains forward-sounding even to today, Devo began working on this album by asking the question: "What would an album made by fascist clowns sound like?"
The answer is most readily observable with the first track, "Time Out for Fun" which is a calculated reminder for leisurely activities.

I've always appreciated Devo and Mark Mothersbaugh.  Mothersbaugh would go on to write some of the more memorable film scores for Wes Anderson; it would seem that he has always been a mind outside the common current.

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