Thursday, April 04, 2013

Vladamir Horowitz
"Beethoven: 'Appassionata' & sonata no. 3" (Vinyl)

April has been a slow month. My apologies.  It's been quite busy around here.

I found images of at least three different releases of this very recording on the RCA label.  The image you see is for an RCA Red Seal, there is also a "Living Stereo" release, and what I have is an earlier, shaded dog monophonic pressing.  The cover photograph was the same on all three releases.

These early piano recordings are particularly impressive. At a time when orchestral and chamber music recordings were still working the kinks out, the engineers were able to capture an amazing array of dynamic and articulations from the piano that rivals any recording done with every modern convenience.

I'm not exactly sure when this recording was made, but at latest, it dates from the early 1960's, during the height of Horowitz's appeal and power.

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