Monday, September 17, 2012

This is my 260th album write-up! According to my remedial mathematic prowess I'm roughly 13% of the way on my journey.
Oh dear.

"Demon Days" (CD)

Damon Albarn's second outting with his all-virtual rock sensation was its biggest commercial success to date.

In my opinion, the Gorillaz have been on a set trajectory since their debut.  Their first album was terrific.  Their second less.  Their third forgettable.

This does have some monster hits on it, however.  Whether it be the radio hit "Feel Good Inc." or "Dirty Harry." (Although I'll still pick "Dare" every time.)

The fabricated persona of the Gorillaz reached its zenith with this album.  Their tours became technological tour-de-forces with projected 3D images of 2D, Noodle, Russel and Murdoc synchronized to the live performance.

The Gorillaz may be more of a foreshadowing of the future than we realize.  In an age when 2Pac can be resurrected at whim, what's to stop other virtual performances from becoming the norm? I can hardly wait to see the Beatles on their reunion tour.

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