Saturday, September 15, 2012

Talking Heads
"Remain in Light" (CD)

Released in 1980, this was the Heads' fourth album.  It was produced with the help of long-time conspirator Brian Eno.

Living and growing up in a post-Heads era, it is hard to understand the impact this album had on music since its repercussions have extended so widely.    Eno's use of recorded and looped accompaniment figures were revolutionary at the time, but are so day-to-day now it's hard to imagine the listener's initial reaction to such new sound making.

This is deservedly considered one of Talking Heads' best works. In addition to having a couple of their biggest hits on it, "Remain in Light" showed the way forward through the use of technology and world influences that has altered music-making for the last thirty years.

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