Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Travelling Without Moving" (CD)

Guinness regards this as the best-selling funk album in history.
Arguments about musical labels aside, it's amazing to consider that during a point in the 90's this style of music was not only popular, but best-selling.

Equal parts jazz, disco, funk, pop and world, Jamiroquai stands in a unique column with only a few other bands that I regard as being unique to their time.  If they were 20 years earlier they probably would've enjoyed some success during the age of disco balls.

I first heard of Jamiroquai from some weird cellist kid that I went to music camp with.  He was always wearing Bob Marley t-shirts and beanie caps.  At the time, Jamiroquai was actually popular.  I wonder if he's still listening to them?

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