Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jack White
"Blunderbuss" (Vinyl)

I (finally) acquired this album to physically hold in my hands.  Now, following the strict set of self-imposed rules, I can actually do a write-up about this record.

Released in April 2012, this is probably the most recent album I now own.  It only took me five months to get it from mp3 to vinyl.

Jack White said in interviews at the time that this album was made up of songs that "didn't fit anywhere else."  (He was referring, of course, to any of the 85 different bands he records with.)
My first listen to this record was lukewarm, but it has crawled steadily under the skin. By now I've probably listened to this album 15 times front to back.   It may not be my favorite from Mr. Gillis, but it has already proven that it's not going away.

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