Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Artur Rubinstein 
"Chopin: Preludes op. 28" (Vinyl)

Written in 1838, Chopin's twenty-four opus 28 "Preludes" are considered amongst the greatest of his works for solo piano.  Granted, he wrote a lot of greatest works for solo piano, so it is hard for this string player to differentiate a polonaise from a mazurka.

Artur Rubinstein was to the piano in the 20th century what Heifetz was to the violin.  A superstar during his life, he enjoyed a celebrity status for good reason.

Reviewed here earlier, his recording of Brahms' violin sonatas with Henryk Szeryng are my favorite recording of those works.

This is a beautiful shaded dog RCA Victor that shouts all of the tell-tale signs of golden age recording (now that I've learned what I'm looking for.)

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