Monday, November 05, 2012

The Raconteurs
"Consolers of the Lonely" (CD)

I must admit, amongst all of Jack White's projects (the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, the Dead Weather and solo projects flying every direction) the Raconteurs have had the hardest sell with me.

After learning of the close friendship White had with fellow Detroit songster Brendan Benson (well before the Raconteurs were conceived) I had purchased one of Mr. Benson's albums ("The Alternative to Love") which I appreciated greatly for what it was: finely crafted pop songs.  When the Raconteurs' first album came out, (after the initial gushing) I decided that the 50/50 approach that Jack and Brendan took towards collaborative song-writing did not serve them well.  Their second album ("Consolers") came out in 2008 and showed a much more cohesive blend of the two contrasting artists' style.

Still, even when a spark threatened to ignite a flame, some musical turn tamps out any hope.
Its difficult for me to put my finger on it precisely, but I suspect that there would be better music being made if Brendan Benson and Jack White both played in each others' bands, but left the songwriting to one or the other.

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