Tuesday, November 06, 2012

John Williams, London Symphony Orchestra
"The Empire Strikes Back: Original Soundtrack" (Vinyl)

Orchestral musicians owe John Williams a bittersweet thank-you.
His scores for films like "Star Wars," "Jaws" and the "Indiana Jones" saga (practically) single-handedly enshrined a symphonic orchestral score as one of the core elements of a Hollywood blockbuster.

As a result, orchestras all across the country are obligated to do annual performances of Williams' scores.  These concerts will be eternally popular and provide a boost in ticket sales that most orchestras badly need. In fact, I see a reality blooming where musicians might excel in specialized performance areas like Brahms. Or Hans Zimmer.

To separate this score from the film is hard; the film practically plays along in my head while I'm listening.  That being said, it's fun, dramatic music performed by a truly great ensemble.

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