Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kiri Te Kanawa, Andrew Davis
"Strauss: Four Last Songs" (Vinyl)

I must confess to a lack of knowledge of the symphonic art song.  Whether it be Strauss or Mahler or Wagner, these late-romantic German composers who advocated for a "more is more" mentality often grate on my nerves.

I fully suspect, however, that this is because I have never been in the midst of a truly great orchestra performing these works.  At that moment, music such as these ceases to be a labor of intonation and balance and becomes truly transcendent.  I'm still waiting for my time in the sun.

It is great to have one of her generation's greatest sopranos singing.  There are many famous singers whom don't care for terribly, but the color in Ms. Kanawa's voice is powerful without becoming fatiguing.  Maybe she's like that in person too. Maybe.

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