Thursday, November 01, 2012

Simon & Garfunkel
"Soundtrack: The Graduate" (Vinyl)

If Simon and Garfunkel needed any help becoming more eponymous   with the 1960's, being integral to the face of Mike Nichols' landmark film "The Graduate" was the push they needed.

Mrs. Robinson is probably one of the duo's biggest hits, but the film also found use for a couple of other S&G hits: "Sounds of Silence" and "Scarborough Fair" find their way onto this record.

I view "The Graduate" as a template for the sort of disenfranchisement that many youngsters felt during the 1960's and the beginning of a more avante garde filmhouse style of filmmaking that was carried through the 1970's by the like of Scorsese.
These same filmmakers will lament the arrival of blockbuster "entertainment" films that detract from the wholesome "art" of their work, but I think it merits an examination to see if the values they espouse were worth preserving in the first place.

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