Monday, November 05, 2012

Fernando Ortega
"The Shadow of Your Wings" (CD)

It's been 5+ years since my short multi-city tour playing backup for Mr. Ortega. Playing this CD this morning gave me a chance to reminisce about my whiff of the glamorous life of a touring musician.

Mr. Ortega is living proof that a recipe doesn't have to be complex to be effective.  Particularly when dealing with Christian music.  I like the description he uses on the cover: "hymns and sacred songs."
These aren't worship choruses.  Nor are they pop ballads with screeching guitar.  They are a collection of songs by a man and his piano.
Every once in a while we're joined by a few instrumentals (including the Turtle Island String Quartet) but for the most part this album was conceived and executed as an intimate portrait.  The album's mix feels like Fernando is sitting in the room, as opposed to on stage with his accompanying ensemble.

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