Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving - back from a weekend away...

The Menahan Street Band
"The Crossing" (Vinyl)

The Menahan crew was one of the most appealing acts you'd never heard of a few years ago.  Jay-Z, ESPN and Cee Lo (to name a few) were all sampling the title track from their 2008 debut.  The infectious horn lick was an easy sell for universal audiences.  Then, Menahan kinda dropped back beneath the surface.
Charles Bradley, a re-incarnated soul godfather burst onto the scene in 2010 with his debut "No Time for Dreaming" and the Daptone folks decided to pair the Menahan Street Band as Bradley's backing and touring ensemble.   Since then the boys probably haven't gotten a whole lot of sleep as Charles Bradley's appeal has seen world-wide fame.

Thankfully, Menahan found the time to get back to the Dunham/Daptone studios and record their sophomore offering, 2012's "The Crossing."  While it's still spinning on its maiden voyage, I already feel a more dense tapestry being woven; instead of merely horns, bass and drums blasting along, Menahan has let strings, organ and effect-laden guitars into the clubhouse for this foray.   The result is a more complex, grown-up flavor.

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