Friday, November 09, 2012

Paray, Detroit Symphony
"Suppe: Overtures" (Vinyl)

The Austrian-born Franz von Suppe was known for his operettas during his lifetime, but since then, I must confess I've only heard of him because of a couple of his overtures. Most notably, the "Light Calvary Overture" and "Poet and Peasant" overtures.

This is a monophonic pressing on the Mercury label; usually I'm fan of the recordings of this ilk, but there's something about the high registers of the orchestra that feel squashed somehow.  It gets tiring to listen to.

The Detroit Symphony sounds great on this record; their ensemble is notable and the Viennese waltz-esque marches that Suppe was fond in breaking into are carried along at a good clip, violinists and all.

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