Sunday, March 17, 2013

Alabama Shakes
"Boys and Girls" (Vinyl)

I picked this up this weekend in the Big City after catching just a few notes of the Shakes' performance on Saturday Night Live.

The Alabama Shakes are new to the scene (formed in 2009) and this, their debut album was nominated for Best New Artist in the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Carried along by the weight of a few singles, 'Boys and Girls' heralds the arrival of Brittany Howard, the inimitable lead singer and guitarist whose voice will become a force in the future decades.  We will hear a lot of her in the future.

The ingredients are all here.  This could be a monster success.  However, with this album, I find their songwriting just a little undercooked.  This band is one that I will be eagerly waiting for their next project and see where they head next.  With this kind of firepower, it's a shame to not resort to a few explosions...

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