Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Newsboys
"Take Me to Your Leader" (CD)

Released in 1996, this was as much my high school soundtrack as anything else was. (Anyone else recognize the Evangelical upbringing?)

The Newsboys have been a fixture in Christian rock music since the early 90's when they arrived from New Zealand.  Alongside dcTalk and Audio Adrenaline they represent the trifecta of relevant music-making in the Christian hemisphere during the past couple of decades.  

This album was already their sixth release, but it many respects it was only their second album to US audiences.  Cheeky and fun, the album highlighted the band's ability (even willingness) to have fun while making their music while still getting their message across with their witty lyrics.

The album's packaging and design was one of my early favorites for its whimsical and fun design; a marked difference from so many Christian artist's approach. 

This contains one of my favorite Newsboys' song; tucked near the end of the album is a very powerful tune-long musical crescendo "Lost the Plot."

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